How to tell if our liver is in healthy condition?


Do you know that we can tell the health condition of a person just from the birthdate? This is done simply by applying Bazi.

Bazi is known as four pillars of destiny and can be dated back to the Han Dynasty. It is based on Xu Zi Ping (Song Dynasty)’s improvements to Li Xu Zhong (Tang Dynasty)’s original concept to forecast one's personality and future.

Bazi is based on the mutual interactions of the Five elements which are Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood.

The circle arrows show the production cycle of the Five elements. (e.g. Fire produces Earth, Earth produces Metal etc.)

The star arrows show the countering cycle of the Five elements. (e.g. Metal counters Wood. Wood counters Earth etc.)

Five elements can also represent the each of the season and different colours too.


Liver is an important organ with 500 distinct functions mainly detoxification, fat metabolisation, and bile production etc.

Joey Yap's Revolutionizing Health Course which was conducted by Dr. Octavian Sbarna in 2020 mentioned liver has other bodily functions such as Qi flow, reproductive system and blood etc. These will be mentioned in a future blog post.


A Bazi Chart is generated from a person’s birthdate including the time. This person has a weak wood in his constitutional health. He is born in the season of metal. There are many metals in the natal chart. (Metal counters wood). There is just a tiny yin wood in the year pillar’s sub qi. 

The person needs to pay attention to his liver and gall bladder throughout his life.


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As a bonus, we also generate your personalised Bazi and give you a free health assessment report. You just need to email us your birthdate and time after you purchase the product. If you like how we analyse of the health of weak wood chart as above, we will do one in depth for you. It will show you which your stronger and weaker organs are in your constitutional health. And you can be more aware and pay attention to them.

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