Will Donald Trump or Joe Biden win the 2020 presidency on 3rd November 2020? (Part II)


Final hours of 3rd November 2020 Presidential Election

Both Joe Biden and Donald Trump are making their final push for the US Presidential Election on 3rd November 2020. Joe Biden appears to be leading in National Polls. But his lead is narrower in some states that might determine the outcome.

US Presidential election is not a popularity contest and it is not based on the absolute number of votes in total. Remember the US Presidential Election in 2016 when Donald Trump won though Hillary Clinton had more votes

To be elected president, a candidate must win at least 270 votes in a system which is named the electoral college. Each US state gets a certain number of votes partly based on its population and there are a total of 538 up for grabs.

This system explains why Hillary Clinton won the most votes nationally, but still lost the election in 2016.

Will we know who won the presidential race by the end of 3rd November?

Many Americans are casting their votes by mail and it might take time for the officials to count their votes. Although news outlet project the winner of the state based on majority of the votes counted (about 90%) by end of 3rd November, most states will continue to tally votes after election night. They might take weeks to finish counting all the votes.

Donald Trump re-emphasised not to count votes after 3rd November 2020. There might be legal battles between the Republicans and the Democrats for states with close fight.

So there might not be clear answer who will win the presidential race by the end of 3rd November. Read this article to find out more.

Using Qi Men Dun Jia to predict the Presidential Election

In an earlier article, Our Comfy HQ used Bazi to predict the election outcome. Today, we are focusing to use Qi Men Dun Jia, (QMDJ) another Chinese Metaphysics tool.

The QMDJ methodology can be used in today’s world when decisions about career, relationships, health, and wealth etc. need to be made. This time-tested system can improve the chances of success and provide clarity to the reader to discover untapped potential in themselves and others.

QMDJ can be used to predict and forecast different situations or activities. It can also be used as a divination technique to analyse at one’s past to forecast the future. The individual’s current plan and action can be possibly changed to achieve particular results in the future.

QMDJ Day Chart of 3rd November 2020

This is the QMDJ Day Chart of 3rd November 2020. You can download the app for android and apple phones. More articles will be published to explain about QMDJ in more in-depth and how to use the sp8cetime app. Our Comfy HQ is analysing this day chart in current context for now.

In the earlier article, Donald Trump is born in the year of 1946 (Bing Xu – Fire Dog) while Joe Biden is born in the year of 1942 (Ren Wu – Water Horse).

As the US Presidential Election will end on 3rd November and is a major event of that day, a QMDJ day chart is used for forecasting.

Interpretation of Donald Trump’s situation

Donald Trump’s situation is to be interpreted from the North box (Bing stem).

He appears to be hiding secrets or concealing something from the general public in the current situation. It will be known in the future.

Moreover, he is in an argumentative and conflicting environment. There might be miscommunication with the general public. This can be seen from the 1st Presidential debate when Trump interrupted Biden many times. So the moderator had the power to mute the candidates in the 2nd Presidential debate to prevent interruptions.

It appears that Trump might have given up due to his current unfavourable position of Biden’s leading polls in most states.

Interpretation of Joe Biden’s situation

Joe Biden’s situation is to be interpreted from the East box (Ren stem).

He appears to have the support of most of the electoral college and the government authorities.

However, he might be in a risky situation. Given Trump’s personality, he will do whatever it takes to contest those states that are won by the Democrats.

It appears that Biden has a fresh start and new opportunity to become the next President.

Interaction between the North and the East Palace

Donald Trump is in the North box which represents water while Joe Biden is in the East box which represents wood. Water produces wood in 5 element cycle.

It seems that the US Presidential Election might go to Joe Biden at first sight.

Deeper Interpretation of Donald Trump’s situation

On a deeper analysis, Trump appears to have more positive formations and structures.

The most significant formation and structure are the Flying Bird Falls Into Cavern. The US President position might come back to him again effortlessly and the US Presidential Election outcome might be fixed. (Death Door)

Deeper Interpretation of Joe Biden’s situation

On a deeper analysis, Biden appears to have all negative formations and structures.

Biden seems to be able to get many individual votes, but it is still a question mark for the electoral college.

Unexpected circumstances might surface and derail his original plans. Biden might feel emotional distress as the outcome might reverse course and counters his main objectives.

Deeper Interpretation of their interaction

On another deeper look, the east palace whose Joe Biden is in, is in death emptiness. Both the surface positive and the deeper negative interpretations will be reduced for Joe Biden. The US Presidential might not go to Joe Biden after all.

If the outcome of the US Presidential Election is delayed to 7th November 2020 onwards, it might turn out favourable to Donald Trump. This is because the month of fire dog (Bing Xu) will transit into the month of fire pig (Ding Hai) from 7th November 2020.

Pig from the external month will form a self-punishment with Joe Biden’s pig in his natal chart’s month pillar. Joe Biden might regret that he should have done something earlier on.

In contrast, pig from the external month will form a half three harmony combination with Donald Trump’s goat in his natal chart’s day pillar. Good things will happen to Donald Trump’s personal relationships.

Conclusion of our prediction

It will be a close fight for both persons in this Presidential Election.

As mentioned in the first article, there are many uncertainties in this election. The Bazi of Donald Trump and Joe Biden will not determine the outcome totally.

It also depends on the respective candidates of each state as they will also influence the voters.

In short, it is a thought-provoking analysis by using Bazi and QMDJ.

Regardless of Donald Trump or Joe Biden winning, the next US President will be ready to release a massive fiscal stimulus package to revive the US economy and combat the Covid-19 pandemic.

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