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Let us give you a brief introduction on eLead Global.


Distributorship of health and wellness consumer products

Our Comfy HQ became an authorized online distributor of eLEAD Global® on 23 May 2020

What is eLead Global?

Elead is a global health food company founded on a simple, powerful idea: We Are Momentum.

It hopes to benefit more people with its natural and nutritional health products.

Elead Global takes an innovative, natural, and holistic approach to health and nutrition.

What makes eLead Global unique?

Each of its ingredients is carefully selected and blended. This is to revitalize and sustain long-term health and well-being of its consumers.

Each ingredient in every batch of natural harvest is completely tested for quality check.

This is to safeguard that its consumers get only the best parts of the nature. eLead Global tests for hundreds of unwanted elements e.g. pesticides or heavy metals.

Thus, the wholesomeness and integrity of the products are maintained at all times.

What is the business model of eLead Global?

eLead Global’s business is built with the same core principle as its products

eLead Global adopts referral marketing to differentiate itself from its competitors by building relationship and word-of-mouth to promote its health products. E.g. Lighting up a life one at a time like a candle.

eLead Global will not incur any listing and slotting fees as it does not enter into distributorship agreements with branded brick and mortar stores (e.g. supermarket, convenience store, drugstore or department store).

It can then pass these cost savings to its individual distributors by lowering its product prices.

It has a flexible and scaling compensation structure to empower its individual distributors.

Every distributor works in a supportive team environment. eLead Global provides vast marketing resources and research knowledge for any distributors to leverage on.

Elead's global network and support are able to serve a global marketplace.

Most importantly, eLead Global’s individual distributors have the flexibility of locations and time to work anywhere and anytime.

Feel free to contact us at to find out more about this opportunity. We can provide guidance and coaching to groom you to be independent and competent distributor.

Where can we find eLead Global?

eLead’s headquarter is located in Hong Kong.

Its address is eLEAD Global Limited Unit 701B-703, 7F., Tower B, Manulife Financial Centre, No. 223-231 Wai Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong.


It has distribution channels in 10 countries such as Australia, Brunei, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and USA.

Our Comfy HQ operates globally. It takes around 1 week to deliver products to addresses in USA and Canada, based on our past experiences.

Why does Our Comfy HQ want to become distributor of eLead Global?

Our Comfy HQ’s motto is cosy happiness. Our vision is to deliver happiness to our customers’ doorsteps. We always want to find creative, innovative and better quality products. Ultimately, we want to bring cosiness and happiness into your life.

Similarly, eLead Global hopes to benefit more people with its natural and nutritional health products in the world.

My family and I have been consuming eLead Global’s products for about 1 year. We see positive effect in our health and life.

That is the main reason why we want to let more people know about eLead Global products on our website.

How much do you sell eLead Global's products? Are there any discounts?

The prices stated on our website are same as the distributorship price on eLead Global.

When customers place order on our website, we promptly place order on eLead Global to ship to their addresses. 

Our Comfy HQ has been absorbing the processing fees by Shopify and eLead Global's online platform since the start of the distributorship.

Our main goal is always to introduce eLead products to more people and improve their health.  

For us to be sustainable in the long term, the prices might be revised to include these processing fees in the future.

The only way to reduce your cost is to promote the eLead products to your friends and loved ones as an individual distributor.

Feel free to contact us at to find out more about this opportunity. We can provide guidance and coaching to groom you to be independent and competent distributor.

Are there more resources to read up on eLead Global?

Yes, there are plenty of resources online.
  1. Official website of eLead Global
  2. About us of eLead Global
  3. Products of eLead Global
  4. More resources/articles of eLead Global
  5. Official Facebook of eLead Global

About Us

Our Comfy HQ is a novel type of online retail store which offers comfortable and creative products. We base all our items on the popular trends throughout social media! We aim to bring cosiness and happiness into your life!

Our Comfy HQ partners with trusted distributors and manufacturers. And aims to deliver cosiness and happiness to your doorsteps!

On 23 May 2020, Our Comfy HQ became an authorized online distributor of eLEAD Global®.

In December 2020, Our Comfy HQ starts to provide customised consultancy services on Chinese Metaphysics such as Bazi, Feng Shui, Qimen Dunjia and Date Selection.

These services are to solve your problems and bring value by applying traditional wisdom of the Universe in today's world. Ultimately, we aim to bring happiness and clarity to you.

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