Will Donald Trump or Joe Biden win the 2020 presidency on 3rd November 2020?


3rd November 2020 Presidential Election

Joe Biden, who is from the Democratic Party, is currently ahead of Donald Trump, the Republican President in the national polls as the US approaches 3rd November 2020

Many astrologers from Western, Vedic and Asian have joined to predict who will win the next election. We previously used Bazi to tell the health condition of our liver.

Can Chinese Metaphysics like Bazi be used to predict who will win the 2020 presidency? Our Comfy HQ joins in the bandwagon too. Just for disclosure, Our Comfy HQ has no political affiliation to any parties in the United States and receives no sponsorships or donations in any forms from any parties. We are just putting our Chinese Metaphysics’ skills to good use in this important global event.

CEO in a company, and President in a country

The fate of the company depends on the person who is the highest ranking and has the ultimate power of decision making. It is usually the CEO. So the Bazi chart of the CEO will be read to determine the long term performance of the company. Likewise, we will read the Bazi charts of Donald Trump, the Republican President and Joe Biden, the Democratic Presidential Nominee of the presidential election

Birth Dates and Timing

The accuracy of the readings depends on the interpretation and skills of the astrologer. More importantly, it also depends largely on the true birth date and time provided.

It is publicly known that Donald Trump is born on 14 June 1946 10:54 am on Google. However, an Asian astrologer reversed engineered his birth time to match his life’s major events. He claimed Donald Trump is supposed to be born during 3pm – 5pm. There are twelve animal signs in Chinese Astrology and each of them represents 2 hours timeframe.

It is publicly known that Joe Biden is born on 20 November 1942 08:30 am on Google. As Joe Biden is not so controversial as Donald Trump, there are no alternative views on his birth time in the public. Perhaps their family members can step out to verify the accuracy of the birth times.

Donald Trump’s Bazi Chart using 3-5PM birth time

Donald Trump's Bazi Natal Chart

Donald Trump's Bazi Luck Pillars Chart

Donald Trump's main personality

Donald Trump is like a caring earth in his personal setting around his family and loved ones (Ji Earth in Day Pillar’s Heavenly Stem). He is intuitive and likes to communicate (Indirect Resource in Earth Branch’s Hidden Stem) He can do crazy stuffs for his family and loved ones ( Friend and 7 Killing in Earth Branch’s Hidden Stem) Imagine him to be a crazy adventure track for his main personality.

Donald Trump's career aspects

Donald Trump appears to be able to manage people systematically and has authority in his career (Direct Officer in Month Pillar’s Heavenly Stem). But he is intuitive, capricious and skilled at deal-making and negotiating (Indirect Resource and Friend in Earth Branch’s Hidden Stem)

Donald Trump in 2020 Geng Zi Annual Pillar

2020 is a challenging year for Donald Trump as Geng Zi Annual Pillar clashes with his month pillar in natal chart. This can be seen from his outrageous and dramatic theatrics in 2020. E.g. the precarious mishandling on the Coronavirus issue, banning imports from China, withdrawal from WHO and pulling out armed forces from Middle East etc. The most pivotal moment is that he contracted Covid-19 after the 1st Presidential Debate on 2nd October 2020, amazingly recovered shortly and returned to the White House unscathed in an over-the-top homecoming to White House on 5th October 2020.

Joe Biden's Bazi chart using 08:30 AM birth time

Joe Biden's Bazi Natal Chart

Joe Biden's Bazi Luck Pillars Chart

Joe Biden's main personality

Joe Biden is like a candle that lights up the lives of the surrounding people in his personal setting (Ding Fire in Day Pillar’s Heavenly Stem). He is very creative, and will seize the opportunity of the future.  (Eating God and Indirect Wealth in Earth Branch’s Hidden Stem) He is courageous and will execute actions to achieve his goal. (7 Killings in Earth Branch’s Hidden Stem) Imagine him to be the aurora over the vast land for his main personality.

Joe Biden's career aspects

Joe Biden appears to be opportunistic in a respectable manner for his career. (Indirect Wealth in Month Pillar’s Heavenly Stem) But he is able to manage people systematically and has authority. And he is good at researching in-depth into subjects (Direct Officer and Direct Resource in Earth Branch’s Hidden Stem)

Joe Biden in 2020 Geng Zi Annual Pillar

2020 is a year of opportunity for Joe Biden. His status changed as he started to run for 2020 Presidential Election (Clash of Annual Pillar’s rat with his Year Pillar’s horse) He rose up to be the Presidential Nominee for the Democratic Party after fending off Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren etc.

Presidential Election’s Bazi Chart on actual day

Donald Trump on 3rd November 2020

Notice that there are two dogs in that day which will intensify the half three harmony combination with horse in Donald Trump's month pillar. This forms more fire in the process.

Donald Trump can continue to spread his Trumpism vision and ideology in his career. His main structure is resource. It seems that he has higher chance to get re-elected in 2020.

Joe Biden on 3rd November 2020

Notice that the two dogs in that day will clash with the dragon in Joe Biden’s hour pillar.

His aspiration to become the US president in his 3rd bid might not materialise after all and his to-do list still remains.

Internal struggles of both Donald Trump and Joe Biden on that day

On a deeper look, both Donald Trump and Joe Biden will feel helpless and stuck on 3rd November 2020 due to bullying punishment. (Donald Trump’s goat in day pillar while Joe Biden’s ox in day pillar as compared to two dogs in 3rd November)

Conclusion of our prediction

It will be a close fight for both persons in this Presidential Election. There are many uncertainties such as the actual birth times of both candidates, new events surfacing up along the way, or if the results can be known on that day too. In short, Our Comfy HQ predicts Donald Trump is going to win this November with a slight margin.

In the next article, we will use another tool which is Qi Men Dun Jia – The Eight Mystical Doors to forecast the Presidential Election outcome.

Hope you find Bazi fascinating and useful to predict the 3rd November US election. You can generate your own Bazi Report FREE just by keying your birth time and date at here. However, skills and practices are required to come up with detailed explanations as above. We learnt Bazi from the Joey Yap Academy and you can find out more about here.

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