Black Friday Cyber Monday Comfy Sale 2020!

Greetings from the Comfy Team,

Our Comfy HQ  is celebrating Black Friday and Cyber Monday with you.

"Buy 1 item and get the next item at 50% off!" (Limited to 10 uses in 1 single order) In another words, you can buy 10 and get the next 10 at 50% off! Apply code BFCM at the checkout. Starts from 27th November to 30th November 2020. 

Do check out our latest hot selling Among Us - Alien Imposter Plush Toys here

When you purchase these plush toys, you will receive mystery gifts from Comfy team.

For those who have purchased these plush toys, the mystery gifts are already on the way to you.

Happy shopping now! :)

Best Wishes

Aaron and Charis

Our Comfy HQ Founders

About Us

Our Comfy HQ is a novel type of online retail store which offers comfortable and creative products. We base all our items on the popular trends throughout social media! We aim to bring cosiness and happiness into your life!

Our Comfy HQ partners with trusted distributors and manufacturers. And aims to deliver cosiness and happiness to your doorsteps!

In 2020, Our Comfy HQ starts to provide customised consultancy services on Chinese Metaphysics such as Bazi, Feng Shui, Qimen Dunjia and Date Selection. These services are to solve your problems and bring value by applying traditional wisdom of the Universe in today's world. Ultimately, we aim to bring happiness and clarity to you.


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