Dear Mate,

It has been awhile since we last saw you at Our Comfy HQ. We have some exciting news to share with you on Easter Sunday.

Just an update: for those who have revisited our website recently, you might have noticed certain products (e.g. Trumpy Bear, Peek A Boo Elepahnt, Peek A Boo Bear and Jurassic Dinosaur Plush) are unavailable. Our trusted suppliers have stopped production of these items so we are not actively selling them at our store. 

But we still have certain inventory left for these items. Some of you might be thinking to get the similar items as gifts for your loved ones and friends. Feel free to email us at and we will send a draft order to you promptly.

Do keep a look out for the next email during the Easter period. Easter surprise might arrive earlier than expected!

Thank you for being part of Our Comfy HQ family!

Our Comfy HQ Founder

About Us

Our Comfy HQ is a novel type of online retail store which offers comfortable and creative products. We base all our items on the popular trends throughout social media! We aim to bring cosiness and happiness into your life!

Our Comfy HQ partners with trusted distributors and manufacturers. And aims to deliver cosiness and happiness to your doorsteps!

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